Used To Do/Still Do

I used to…
How often can we think of something we used to do?

I find this is especially true as I get older, the past seems closer than the present.
I used to write poetry
Read poetry
And see poetry.
Now periodically,
I read a poem emailed to me. Such is the case now

And sometimes I can say I still
Instead of I used to
Write poetry and See
Something New
In the old painting below.


This painting is one of my favorites, I am unsure of why it never sold. Selling or buying art is so personal. Things I don’t necessarily like or do think I executed as well as I might, often sell. Paintings that win awards or those that I even surprise myself, as being able to do, don’t.

But my most favorite paintings seem only to be bought by collectors. So this painting is still waiting for a home.


Or contact me.

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